Privacy Policy
We are a Minecraft server currently running Spigot 1.8.8. We as a server utilize both third party plugins from as well as a single custom plugin devised around Movecraft that has been custom coded to contain automatic movement, torpedo weaponry, economy support, and in-game American Military rankings.

Thanks to our developer Maximuspayne, our version of Movecraft allows for vehicular combat based around the World War I, World War II, and as of recently, the Korean War. These plugins are proprietary and will not be distributed - © NavalBattlezone 2008 - 2016 under the GNU General Public License. Fly planes, sail ships, drive tanks, and dive large scale submarines.

Naval Battlezone is currently

  • Custom build your own ship and battle it on the open sea.
  • Earn promotions using our custom-built Rank Point system to gain larger ship plots.
  • Earn money rewards based on your rank and by sinking automated merchants and other players.
  • Participate in moderated objective based battles.