The USS Goliath

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The USS Goliath

Postby yachtman24 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:16 pm

I have put together a manual for a Cargo submarine I worked on a while back, and I thought some of you guys might be interested in looking at it:

The Formatting's a bit off, But it's still readable.

By Federation Naval Officer Yachtman24
©Copyright: Federation Naval Corps 2016
An Official Federation Military Handbook

Table Of Contents:

Introduction to the Goliath---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I

Safety Aboard Golaith-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1

General Information----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2

How to pilot Goliath----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3

Using Goliath's Comm and Sensor Equipment---------------------------------------------------------------4

Emergency Procedures aboard Goliath------------------------------------------------------------------------5

Note from the Federation-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I

Signatures and Seal----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------II

Space for Cargo Manifest, Notes, Etc.-----------------------------------------------------------------------III

Introduction to the Goliath

Hello, and thank you for deciding to pilot a ship the size, power, and importance of the USS Goliath. She is a beautiful ship, and as you read you will learn to appreciate her power and immense capacity to amaze. The USS Goliath is a standard barge-style cargo vessel, although she has many differences from a regular MCT (Military Cargo Transport) barge. These differences include the fact that the Goliath is actually submarine, that it is a Ship3, and that it is practically bomb-proof. The outer layer of upper hull consists of iron blocks, but the inner layer consists of obsidian. Although this adds a significant amount of protection, it also makes it quite a heavy vehicle. To make up for this, the outer layer of the lower hull is made completely of glass. Again, I hope you enjoy piloting this amazing yet simple vessel, and please read the whole book before doing so.

Chapter 1: Safety Aboard Goliath

The first rule to piloting any ship is safety first. As the captain of the vessel, safety should be your main priority. All crew members should be reminded to read over the safety and emergency protocols in place aboard the Goliath every week or so, even if they claim they have “memorized” it. Also, remember to check the first aid kits, life preservers, lifeboats/rafts, fire extinguishers and other equipment monthly to make sure that they are adequate in case of emergency. Again, as captain of the USS Goliath, the safety of your crew is YOUR responsibility. And remember:

Chapter 2: General Information

The USS Goliath is the first of the Leviathan-class MCG vessels. It is designed to be both a submarine or a ship if need be. So far, it has no weaponry, but the Federation is planning to add AA-guns and maybe even a couple of single barrel cannons for defense. The bridge is at the very stern, and on the middle deck, to the very bow, there is a large, triple paned glass dome used for navigating. In the room of the dome, called the “Bulge Room”, there is a helm, multiple detection arrays, and a radio console. In between the bridge and the bulge room, there is the second level cargo hold. On the deck below is the first level cargo hold, the radio room, engine room, and ballast tanks. In the next chapter, you will learn how to pilot Goliath.

Chapter 3: How to Pilot Goliath

Piloting large ships like Goliath is fairly simple. To start the engines, Just right-click on the main vehicle sign, located, in this case, on the bridge. It should have the following words on it:

USS Goliath

If you want to accelerate, just right-click in front of you (not at the sign) with the golden sword that should have appeared in your hand. Keep right-clicking until you reach a desired speed. The highest speed is “Flank”. (If you want to speed up even more, crouch, and while you are crouching, right click in front of you to shift to second gear.) To slow down or stop the Goliath, simply right click continuously behind you until you reach the desired speed. To shift into reverse gears, first, stop the Goliath completely, then right click continuously behind you until you reach reverse gears. To dive the Goliath, follow these steps: right-click the “Subdrive” sign. It should change from “(SURFACE)” to “(DIVE)” and make a dive klaxon noise indicating the dive sequence. If you hear the engines go quiet, don't panic. It is supposed to do that. After doing this, You can either right-click the “Ballasttanks” sign until it says “Flood”, or you could get on the helm and right-click with the sword at the block you are standing on, and it should say “Diving planes down bubble” which means you are starting to dive. When you are fully underwater, you can right-click ONCE above you to equalize your diving planes. To surface the Goliath, Right click above you with your golden sword while on the helm. It should say “Diving planes up bubble”. Then, right click the “Subdrive” sign again, then right click the “Ballasttanks” sign until it shows “Blow”. This will surface the sub. Now that you know how to pilot Goliath, lets move on to Emergency Procedures aboard Goliath.

Chapter 4:Using Goliath's Comm
And Sensor Equipment


This piece of equipment is vital for private communication between allied vessels. It has more than 5000 different channel combonations to choose from.

To use the Radio, you must first make sure your engines are operational and online. If they are, the Radio's display sign should look like this:


To change the channel from the default “0-0-0-0”, simply right click up to 9 times to change the first number, crouch-click to switch digits, repeat; and so on and so forth, until you have a set channel. After you have done this, use the command “/radio <message>” to communicate with other ships using your frequency code.



The Goliath has three radar arrays, two passive sonar arrays, and one High Frequency Sonar array. It also has a P/A sonar suite next to the radio suite in the Bulge Room. These are very useful for detecting various targets, and will most likely be your go-to sensors while en-route to your destination.


The Goliath has three equipped detector arrays: one ventral, one dorsal, and one astern. The ventral is for detecting surface activity while dived, the dorsal for underwater activity while surfaced, or deep sea submarines while dived. The aft array is strictly for detecting attack submarines hiding in the Goliath's wake, cloaked by her engine noise.


The Goliath is also equipped with two hydrophone arrays, But, of course, these can only be used whil on all stop, and are therefore fairly useless unless you are hiding underwater in an emergency scenario.


This sign is quite simple. It's only usage is to display the Goliath's current displacement, weight, and beam. It comes in handy when diving and surfacing, and also when troubleshooting or doing preliminary inspections.

Chapter 5: Emergency Procedures aboard Goliath

In the case of an emergency, find the category of emergency, then follow the instructions below. Here is a list of categories labeled as emergencies:

– Sinking due to hull breach/damage:

1.) Close sector water-tight doors
2.) Gather crew to muster stations
3.) As soon as the ship has leveled out, evacuate the vessel.
4.) Use the lifeboat's on-board first aid kit for tending to the injured.
5.) Send another distress signal using the lifeboat's long range radio.
6.) If there is a response, fire flares.
If no response, start to ration out medical supplies, food, and water to the crew members.


1.) Evacuate area.
2.) Find nearest extinguisher.
3.) If automatic fire suppression hasn't started, start manually.
4.) If it still wont start, use extinguisher.
5.) When fire is out, treat wounded.


1.) Evacuate area immediately!
2.) Treat wounded.
3.) If there is a hull breach, follow the instructions for “Sinking due to Hull Breach/Damage”.

Dear Captain,

Thank you for reading “Captianing the USS Goliath, the Emeror of the Seas”, and happy seafaring to you! We hope you enjoy captaining her!

-Yachtman24, DirkDiggler, and the rest of the

_________________ _________________
Author's Signature Director's Signature
Yachtman24 DirkDiggler

PS: I couldn't seen to be able to attach it, so I improvised.
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    Re: The USS Goliath

    Postby mewarmy » Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:56 am

    :oops: That ship name looks very similar to my scary ass ship...
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    Re: The USS Goliath

    Postby Adventure117217 » Fri Jan 13, 2017 5:16 am

    I cant wait to sink it :D
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    Re: The USS Goliath

    Postby yachtman24 » Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:23 am

    mewarmy wrote::oops: That ship name looks very similar to my scary ass ship...
    What does your scary-ass ship look like? ;)
    “...I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world.”

    -Herman Melville

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    Re: The USS Goliath

    Postby malevolence89 » Fri Jan 13, 2017 5:36 pm

    yachtman24 wrote:
    mewarmy wrote::oops: That ship name looks very similar to my scary ass ship...
    What does your scary-ass ship look like? ;)
    Whats ur scaryass ship look like? :|
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