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(An updated version of this page can be found here: How To: Factions)

When joining Naval Battlezone (NBZ) for the very first time, players have the ability to join a faction. A faction is like a country or clan, with its own leader and senior members, and often its own navy, air force and army. In addition to this, each armed force may have its own sub-leaders, such as generals, admirals and air marshalls, depending on the faction. Factions also have the ability to control and claim land around the server, and at some location within their territory they may have some kind of military encampment or HQ.

Joining a Faction

To prevent each faction being spammed by excessive amounts of new players, those hoping to join a faction must be invited by the faction leader. The leaders of each faction therefore has to invite individual players. Similarly, players have to be kicked from the faction by the faction leader himself if they, for whatever reason, want to leave the faction.

Faction Structures

Despite each faction having its own backstory or real-life historical ties, they all have similar hierarchal structures:

Faction Leader

The faction leader is the overall final authority for the faction. The exact title depends on the faction, but common titles include Prime Minister, President, Admiral or General. Often, it will be the sub-leaders (discussed below) that have a more active role in the administration and general day-to-day runnings of the faction, yet the main leader still reserves overall executive power.

Deputy Faction Leader (DFL)

As the name suggests, the DFL is the second-in-command of the faction. Often, the DFL will also serve additional roles, such as the Admiral of the Fleet or General of the Armed Forces. additional titles include Vice-President, Deputy Prime Minister and Colonel'.

Admiral of the Fleet

The Admiral of the Fleet is a sub-leader within a faction and is as such the head of the faction's naval forces. Occasionally the Admiral of the Fleet is the same person as the DFL. As head of the faction's navy, the Admiral of the Fleet commands the entire firepower of all military vessels within the fleet of the faction. In addition to this, the Admiral of the Fleet is, if the faction permits, the commander of the fleet flagship.


Within a faction, a general is typically the member who is the head of the faction's ground-based attack forces. This includes platoons of regular foot-soldiers and specialist divisions, in addition to land-based assault vehicles such as tanks or jeeps, and occasionally a small number of helicopters.

Air Chief Marshall

title depends on orientation of faction

The ACM is typically the chief of a faction's air force, often the principle officer in charge of a bomber command sub-squadron.

Other Senior Roles

Depending on the faction, other non-generic senior titles may be awarded to certain members. These ranks include Chancellor, Vice-Admiral, Field-Marshall and Chief Engineer. The variation within these titles depend entirely on the faction.

Faction Divisions

Typically, a faction is split into three main areas of combat:


The naval fleet of a faction is, given the nature of the server, arguably its strongest fighting force. A typical fleet of a faction may be made up of a fleet Flagship and an undefined number of Destroyers, Heavy Cruisers, Frigates, Dreadnoughts' and Aircraft Carriers, as well as submarines, in addition to several smaller patrol boats, barges, cargo vessels or captain's yachts. A faction may choose to station its entire fleet at their faction HQ, stagger the fleet through several ports or allied bases, or even use a spawn-on-demand system whereby none of the fleet exist in WW1 until they are called from the shipyard when they are required. The latter, although is strategically safer, is not in the spirt of naval warfare.

Air Force

Typically, a faction's airforce maintains the primary role of assisting vessels and allied vessels in combat, while also supporting ground troops. Aircraft can be deployed from the main runway at the Nimitz spawn, a faction-only runway at the faction HQ, or from an aircraft carrier out at sea. Aircraft within a faction can include fighter jets, heavy bombers, stealth bombers, reconnaissance/spy planes, dignitary transport and helicopters.


The foot soldiers of a faction make up its army. They are tasked with maintaining the headquarters of the faction, defending the factions interests from ground-based threats, and protecting the faction's allies. the army may operate its own small number of helicopters or dropships, in addition to tanks or jeeps.

Factions, their leaders, and their allies

Below is a complete list of the main permanent factions currently operating on Naval Battlezone:

Faction Information Faction Leader Assistant Leaders Allies Flagship
Orange 10 7.00
Bread 4 3.00
Butter 1 5.00