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(An updated version of this page can be found here: Vehicle Signs)


All of the tools used in NBZ to sink oponents.

Main Vehicle Sign

The main sign is the sign on the vessel that determines how it will work. To create this sign you will need to write two things. On the first line of the sign, you need to write what class the vehicle will be, SHIP, SUBMARINE, AIRCRAFT, TANK, or HELICOPTER. On the first line write what type of vehicle it will be from the list. On the second line you are free to choose what you will name your vehicle. Be appropriate. The third and fourth line you will need to leave blank. These will be filled when sailing with the name of the captain and who is driving. Note that the SUBMARINE, AIRCRAFT and SHIP signs have variant versions. SHIP signs have the regular SHIP signs, but there are also CLCASTLE, CARRIER signs etc. SUBMARINE signs have K-19 and BALAO, while AIRCRAFT have P38. These specialize signs are for exclusive Publicly Spawnable Vehicles.

To operate your vehicle you will need a to spawn it at the WW1 dock or WW1 Airstrip. See the page A beginner's guide on how to spawn. Once on your vehicle, go to the main sign and click on it with an empty inventory slot, you should then have a golden sword in your hand.

If Ship: Right click with your sword forward to increase the speed of your boat. To go even faster Shift Right Click to change to higher gears, (2) (3) To change directions when out of safe dock, Right click with the sword in the direction that you want to go. NOTE: you will lose the golden sword when you step away from the sign, which will cause your ship to continue in the direction that it is going, but you will not be able to control it.

If Helicopter: Right click with your sword in the direction you want to go. When you step off of the block you will loose your sword and the helicopter will hover, but will move in the direction it is facing very slowly.

If Submarine: See Ship above. In addition, you will need the SubDrive sign which is explained below. When the SubDrive sign is in DIVE mode, right click down to sink and right click up to surface your sub. Another optional sign that you may want on your submarine is the Ballasttanks sign. This sign allows you to surface and dive faster. In addition, you can right click above or below you while controlling the sub to set the diving planes accordingly: UP: Diving planes up bubble; you will start to surface. DOWN: Diving planes down bubble; you will start to dive. DOWN/UP WHILE ALREADY SET This will neutralize your planes, allowing you to drive straight.

If Aircraft: Shift right click forwards until in gear (3), then right click forward to Speed 100%. This will make you go forwards on the Airstrip. To take off, be at speed 100% and right click up to go. To lower your plane's altitude, right click down. NOTE: when you leave the Main Sign, your plane WILL LOSE ALTITUDE and Crash.

If Tank: Right click in the direction you want to go and Shift Click to increase gears.

Example of a ship

  USS Lexington


Image of a active Helm Sign

The helm sign is a sign that you can place on your vehicle in Addition to the Main Sign. The helm will allow you to control your vehicle like the Main Sign but will not determine what type of Vehicle you are driving. In addition, the helm will show you who is driving (driver) and rate of speed (SP) you are going, as well as the Direction (HDG) that you are traveling using magnetic headings. Example of a sign: HDG=180 (South), SP: 10(6) which is 10 blocks every 6 seconds.

Example (How sign should be setup)


Engine Signs

I will start by saying that there are many engines to choose from. With this you will need to experiment with what works best. To make and Engine sign you will need three lines of text. On the first line put the word Engine. On the second line put the number engine that it is. For example, if this is the first engine sign you have placed on your boat, put 1, if it's the second, put 2. On the third line, you will need to put what type of engine you will be using. For example: Gasoline 2 or Boiler 1. The sign should read out like this. First Engine on your boat.

[Type]      If gasoline 2, put Gasoline 2 

Look at the shipyard spawn for a list of all of the engines. If the above explanation wasn't enough, just copy what is on the sign you want, and change what engine number (The Second Line).


The nav sign is not required on vehicles. To place a nav sign, put Nav on the first line and leave 2,3,4 all blank. The nav sign is used along with the Grid map on the naval battle zone home page. On the nav sign you will see Fathometer. This is how far away the vehicle is from the water, (this helps for planes so you don't crash). On the next line you will see a grid point such as E1 or C7. This shows you where you are on the map located on the page.




The Radar sign is the hardest to read but one of the most useful signs there are. To make a radar sign, put on the first line Radar. I'm going to use the following sign as an example to show you how to read it.

  X   0
270       90
 .   180  x

On all signs: 0 means in front of your vehicle. 180 means behind your vehicle. 90 means to the right of your vehicle. 270 means to the left of your vehicle. X= close distance x= medium distance . = far distance
On example above: There is a close vehicle to the FRONT LEFT of your vehicle. There is a far vehicle to the BACK LEFT. There is a medium vehicle to the BACK RIGHT. NOTE: if there is a X,x,. covering a Number, the vehicle is directly in that direction.
Additional information about radar and other sensors can be found on the sensors page.


SubDrive is required on all submarines if you want them to submerge. To make a SubDrive Sign, on the first line put SubDrive ( make sure its a Capital "D"). To use a SubDrive sign, right click it. It will then make a ringing sound three times, and display the word "DIVE". You can then go to your main sign or helm and right click down to submerge. Once you are on the surface, the SubDrive sign will say "SURFACE", and ring four times.

   SubDrive                                   SubDrive
     DIVE                                     Surface

NOTE: do not write DIVE or Surface on the sign, just SubDrive