Maru Ammo Carrier

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The Maru Class Ammunition Carrier is a non-combatant auxiliary ship also known as a Merchant Ship.

The Maru Ammunition Carrier in old Spawner Plot - Front View


Rank: None

Size Category: Ship4

Cost: N/A

Weight: ?? Tons

Length: 36m

Beam: 8m

Height: 11m

Draft: 4m

The Maru, View of Main Deck's cargo hatch.


  • 2 x AA-Gun

Engines: 2 x Diesel 1

Sensors: Radar, 2 x Detector

Other Features: Radio, Navigational Indicator sign, Netherack Signs.


The Maru is a third generation noncombatant merchant ship, which was originally packed with cargo of TNT in it's hold. The ship was designed to be a automated vessel which allowed players to target during 2013-2014 years of the server.

The hull is made of relatively durable iron, whereas the bridge consists of a light aluminum structure wrapped around a iron skeleton. It did an arch in the front of the ship, below which is a staircase to the TNT cargo hold. The Maru was one of the auto piloted AI ships that you can find outside while exploring the oceans of NBZ; sinking one provides the crew that sunk it with a generous monetary fund, as well as over 1000 rank points. Marus were easy pickings for any combat worthy ship, due to ridiculously thin armor. It is, however, armed with AA-guns, though this will be little more than a nuisance for ships. AI Marus also did not attack. Since 2015, Auto Merchants have been discontinued due to lag they were causing. The ship was found spawnable in the Old Shipyard until early 2016.

The ship was preserved for later use, however the 20 blocks of TNT were removed due to them being illegal. In 2016 the ship was briefly used as a manned ship players team was to protect from being sunk in WW2 server world. However, this was also discontinued due to lack of popularity.

The ship only self-defense weaponry is pair of AA-Guns, one mounted on the bow and one mounted on the rear Aftercastle on top of the bridge.


Want to know the best tactic for Marus? The answer is: DON'T USE THEM. Marus are purely noncombatants, and the AA-gun it has will do nothing but scratch annoying holes in the paint of other ships. Worse, they are expensive and give large amounts of rank points, making them tempting targets for others. The main reason that the Maru completely sucks once caught by a combat ship is the packs of TNT in the hold. One skilled shot and you're screwed. These ships could be used as relay ship to help build bases, however they must be loaded in the shipyard world to allow them to be used for such a purpose.

Fighting Marus

Less like fighting Marus, and more like hunting Marus. When used as an Auto-merchant, these ships had no chance of surviving an encounter with even the most basic ships. However, to conserve ammunition, there are ways to take down Marus faster. Firstly, if your ship has cannons, don't use anything else. Torpedoes are not worth using on Marus. Instead, set cannon fuse to long, cannon power to x1, and fire an arced shot down the staircase leading to the hold. The shell should land with explosion range of the TNT cargo, therefore blowing up the entire ship in a spectacular display of pyrotechnics. If you can't get a shot into the stairs, just time an airburst right next to the side of the Maru, or on the deck area above the TNT.


  • Maru was original created by player madflavius.
  • Maru as being 3rd Generation Ship used on the server, was not classified as a Ship4. It was classified as a "CL" due it pre-dating the Ship Plot size system.
  • Pictures above were taken with 1.7.5 Texture Pack, which shows the ship as they appeared when they were in use.