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Nav (Sign)

Example of Active Nav Sign - Note GRID function is not list.
  • Function - Navigational Aid
  • Cost - Free


The Nav sign is navigational aid to move about the world of Naval Battlezone. It can indicate direction vehicle is going, how deep the water is, and position on the server map you are presently are.

The following are the functions the Nav Sign gives;


The Location information noted under the heading "GRID", whic uses symbols indicating which part of the world map you are in and direction the vehicle going. As of February 2017, World Map was changed to usual larger shape, rendering the GRID function Nav sign useless.


HDG is the Ship's current Heading, the which is direction the ship is going.

Direction of the ship is indicated by nautical direction by number degrees. 0 = North, 90 = East, 180 = South, and 270 = South.

This same type of measurement used on a real world compass.


In Addition to location information of the vehicle, has the Fathometer function. This allows the sign to provide information on how deep the the water the vehicle is residing in Fathoms. This additional function gives Fathom measure measurement in minecraft blocks.

How to Use

As a player travels in their respected vehicle, the Nav sign will flash grid name "AA" example on it's face. It will also display other navigational information, such as blocks and so forth.


The map is marked out in a 11 by 11 box. Those first 10 As shown in this map are marked by 500 by 500 minecraft blocks. After those 10 you get into Unknown A to J. In theory, a player should be able to navigate the world map using this sign.

As of 2017, Server World Map is no longer the correct size (not a square but a rectangle) for the GRID function to work, only the Heading Gauge and Fathometer functions work at this time.

December 2016 - Permafaction Nav Grid Map.