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(An updated version of this page can be found here: Main Page)

Joining the Game

Download Minecraft from http://minecraft.net/ if you haven't already. Log in with your premium account and select Multiplayer from the main menu. Select "Add Server" for future quick access to Naval Battle Zone. Join our server using the hostname: game.navalbattlezone.com. Now join the server, making sure you have Server Textures enabled in the video settings. It is highly recommended you apply our texture pack in order to get the full intended experience of Naval Battlezone. When you join the server, it should prompt you in-game to download it.


The server staff are usually online every day. Most of the time at least one staff member, no matter the rank, should be on. Look for their titles while doing the "/list" command or by watching chat for their title, which should appear before their name. Here is a list of the staff positions we have on the server:

Moderator - The Moderators are responsible for the general moderation of all players on the server within their power. They also act in the role of Trainer. They can deal with serious rule has been broken such as racial abuse or abuse of any kind, and as such they can deal out the heavier punishments that Moderators cannot issue.

Admin - In charge of preventing staff from coming off their path of keeping the server operating and to ensure that all plugins that are used on the server are working correctly, and the general administration of factions.

Head-Admin Manager and second in command of the server, current head-admin is Roboticj.

Website-Developer Runs the website, the current Website-Dev is Premejo.

Game-Developer The Coder of NBZ, Maximuspayne.

Owner The Owner of the server, you can compare him to god. Current owner is Digitaldave303.

Any staff should be glad to help you with any problem within their power to do so. Just ask for a staff member, preferably by their IGN for better results in achieving their attention.

Discountinued Ranks

Trainer - The job of a trainer was to help new players get familiar with the server. They train the new players on vehicles and help them around the server itself as it can be confusing. The trainer is the "go to guy" for new players and players with general questions. This role was consolidated to the Moderater Rank.

Senior Mod - Veteran moderators, they had a long history within NBZ. They have more power than normal moderators and are to be contacted by players if a serious rule has been broken such as racial abuse or abuse of any kind, and as such they can deal out the heavier punishments that Moderators cannot issue. This role was consolidated to the Moderater Rank.

Getting Started

It is best to read the wiki pages and/or forum pages for Getting Started before joining the server. Nevertheless, when you join, type the command "/list" to display all online players. Look for Staff that are online by searching for a staff title before their In-Game-Name. Ask for a Trainer if one is on, otherwise, any staff online should help train you unless busy with other work. If staff refuse to help you or ignore you, please report it online at the Naval Battlezone website. Learn the basics in game and below.


Naval Battlezone (Abbreviated NBZ) is a World War 1 to World War 2 themed server modded with a custom coded bukkit pluggin to emulate sea, air, and land combat. Maximuspayne does all of the coding himself.

Screenshot of the selection sign and price sign..
DD Atlantis Selection sign.
Screenshot of the spawner.
Ship1 Class spawner sign.

For starters: Sailing a ship. As you walk around the spawn, you should manage to spot many example craft, all of which can be read about in depth by reading the Official Vehicles (historical list) page. Search for the DD Atlantis, it is the server's only free ship for new players. Select it by right clicking on the "*Select*" Sign next to where it sits, and then find the docks to spawn a Ship1 Class ship. The DD Atlantis is formidable in the hands of the correct sailor, and invaluable being the only free ship. Climb onboard and walk onto the bridge of the ship. You will notice many named signs and dispenser configurations on the vessel, all of which are the equipment a ship can use when out at sea. They can be read about at either the How To: Weapons Systems page or the How to use Equipment page.


The shipyard is a separate world in NBZ that allows you to design your own custom ship and store it. To get to the shipyard, you can use the warp sign that is located a spawn. When there you will find many samples of how to build your boat and what to make it out of. When in shipyard you are in creative mode and able to build, but only in your own plot, however players may add you to their plots so you can help them build. You can do the same for your plot. To get a plot to work in you will need to read the Introduction to the Ship Yard page.

Ranks and Plots

Due to space limitations, the Shipyard is structured to allow for player whom have achieved certain ranks to be allotted limited amount of plots to construct whatever design vehicle they choose. As a player progress they are given additional plots that are added to previous achieved plots. Additional plots and money rewards associated with them are added to a player inventory of alloted plots. Donations to the server also adds additionl plots as well Staff members whom donate their time help the server.

Plots Rewards per Rank

  • Ensign - Ship1
  • LTJR - Ship1, Ship2
  • LT - Ship1
  • LT Commander - Ship2
  • Commander - Ship3
  • Captain - Ship4
  • Rear Admiral (Lower) - Ship3

Note: A Ship1 plot may be traded for specialty plot (such as Hangar1 or Tank1 Plot).