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Welcome to the Naval Battlezone(NBZ) Wiki!

Registration & Account Creation

This Wiki is open to the public for viewing. If you want to start adding content, please create an account using a valid email address (we will be sending you a confirmation email to verify), and start creating!

Note: You will need to answer a random question about Naval Battlezone in order to complete the registration. We put this in place to prevent/minimize spambot account creations. You will be able to answer all of these questions using the publicly viewable pages of the wiki which you can find here.

The Wiki's purpose

This Wiki's purpose will be to enlighten new players on some of the simple tasks they will need to perform to push out of their Ensign rank onto bigger and better things which will be explained in this Wiki. And with the help of our more seasoned players, server mods, and admins, we are sure that many of the more hidden secrets of NBZ and it's Clone servers will be revealed as well.

So take a moment to get started and familiarize yourself with the Wiki using the page links at the bottom of this page. And if you are unfamiliar with how to add content, use the directions below about making a contribution once you have something you would like to add.

Making a contribution

Users who have just created an account will NOT be able to create/edit pages. They will need to confirm their email address in the account creation process, and be subject to a waiting period before being granted the permission. To be given permission PM Premejo on forums on the topic
To create a new page, type into the search box on the left of this page and enter the EXACT title of the page you would like to create and hit enter.
You should get a bold statement like this: Create the page "<Page Title>" on this wiki!
Just click the link to create the page and start adding content.

IMPORTANT: To protect your page from vandalism, select the option: Allow only users with "contributor" permission

As always, this will be a work in progress and we look forward to your continuing support and enthusiasm for Naval Battlezone!

Notice to All NBZ Players

Thank you all for being so supportive of the NBZ community. I'm sorry that the server has been shut down, and that our respected leader has stepped down from authority. Even through this struggle, though, the community lives on! Feel free to join the NBZ Discord server, if you haven't already. There are other servers which use NBZ's minecraft plugins (namely Navycraft); this wiki contents continues to contribute information on how to play and use NBZ's features.

Currently Active Navycraft Servers on File:

Reviews of Navycraft Servers
  • NavalClash: 
    1.12 version of Navycraft. NavalClash has Multiple worlds, The game is loosely Post-Cold War II themed, with Faction combat. NavalClash features Traditional Paydays, an expansive Shipyard (World), a large array of hand-held weapons, as well as NavyCraft based vehicles: (ships, planes, helicopters, tanks, and submarines). Added are use of missiles, anti-missile machine guns, and additional features.


Discord Address

  • Dabblecraft 
    The server is 1.12.2 variant of Navycraft (Custom) called NavyCraft Plugin Mavenized version - This active version of navycraft varies from the original developed by Maximuspayne. Dabblecraft 2.0 is a role play server that uses both navycraft and movecraft. The server uses navycraft for all sea related activities, but Aircraft in Dabblecraft use the more primitive movecraft versions, and are referred to as airskiffs. It also has a survival & roleplayer worlds for various game play.


Discord Address:

  • Battle Zone Revisited: 
    Running 1.12 Navycraft Lite - Profilename1's Battle Zone Revisited (BZR) is a Mini-Game / Arcade server using the old NBZ Carrier Spawn. The server structured for players to play in teams and fight one another in organize arenas. Currently server has three Areas player teams can play. Ship vs Ship, large Tank & PVP urban arena and smaller Farm themed area..


Brief Page List

How To: Factions
Combat Tactics
Introduction to the Ship Yard
How To: Weapons Systems
WarShip Listings by Type
Official Vehicles (historical list) - By Maximuspayne
How to: Vehicles
How to: Build Vehicles
World Map
Server History
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